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Welcome to BodyMastery Online Studio!

BodyMastery Studio is a sacred space for you to feel nourished and supported in creating a healthy, loving, compassionate relationship with your whole Body – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Here at BodyMastery we offer Self-Love Coaching, Online Meditations and Workshops to support you in cultivating a loving compassionate relationship with your Body.

We live in a society where we don’t take the time for our health and wellbeing, or make our self-care a priority. With constant responsibilities at work and home, we are highly stressed, and disconnected from our bodies and inner-wisdom.

Daily practice of meditation, self-love, self-compassion and living with self-awareness gives your Body an opportunity to come into a balanced state of health, allowing your cells to thrive, and your innate vitality and wisdom to flow.

You intuitively know what to eat and how to move.  You feel empowered to make conscious choices that support your health, wellbeing and life goals.

BodyMastery is a pathway that supports you to live life from this place of deep connection with your Body, Self-Love and intuition.  BodyMastery is a journey back to your True-Self.

I am here to support you on your journey.  I am here to help you to deepen into Self-Love and reclaim your Body.

Can you feel your Body calling you?  Are you ready to create loving compassionate change from the inside-out? 

“Deepen into Self-Love with BodyMastery Meditation”

Jane creates such a beautiful, warm, inviting space that allows for me to hand over trust and be led into a restful and healing state of meditation.

Kate, NSW Australia

Jane’s meditations are the best I’ve ever done.  It was amazing to be in a room of people that all felt it was important to take time out.  Jane is the most beautiful facilitator and I always walked away feeling very loved, connected and grounded.

Natalie, NSW Australia

Jane is amazing.  I cannot believe all I have gained from Jane’s meditation sessions.  They allowed me to stop, be present and become aware of what my body needs. I would recommend Jane to anyone.

Tracey, NSW Australia
Meet Jane

Since 2006 I’ve been on a highly conscious journey toward healing my inner environment and deepening into Self-Love.

My internal environment used to be a constant stream of negativity.  There was a war raging inside of me.

Something had to be done, so I chose to create change. 

I made a choice to create beauty within; to love myself; to treat myself with kindness; to live life from my Soul-Truth, expressing my Authentic-Self in all I do.

All of these life choices and experiences (both good and crappy) have led me to this point …

Offering you BodyMastery.

“Deepening into Self-Love …

has been a magical (and sometimes difficult) journey.  I’m so grateful I made the choice to change how I was treating myself.  I’m so grateful I chose to walk the path of Self-Love.  It has been, and continues to be, a journey of awakening into who I truly am.”  

“The power to create change is within you.”

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