Welcome to BodyMastery Studio!

BodyMastery Studio is a sacred space for you to feel nourished and supported in creating a healthy, loving, compassionate relationship with your whole Body – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Here at BodyMastery, we see the Body as a community of cells, working together to create ALL of you.   Every single energy particle that makes you – the bits you can see and the bits you can’t.

BodyMastery is about you being the authority of your Life.  Living life authentically, from your Soul-Truth.

When we choose to live from Soul-Truth, our Body has an opportunity to come into it’s own balanced state of health, allowing our cells to thrive, and our innate vitality and wisdom to flow.

We intuitively know what to eat and how to move. We make conscious choices that support our health, wellbeing and life goals.

We treat ourselves with respect and kindness, understanding that we are a priority.

And when life gets challenging, we feel supported from the inside out, leaning into to ourselves with Love and Compassion, asking ourselves “what do we need in this moment?”

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What’s on at the Studio

Through BodyMastery Meditation, Mentoring and Workshops, the Body is used as a portal to deepen into relationship with yourself … really getting to know your True-Self.

Learn to discern what is your Soul-Truth and what’s not.  Listen to what the Body is communicating to you each day so you know what you need to feel nourished, supported and empowered.  Cultivate Self-Awareness so you can make conscious choices and create positive change from the inside out.

The intention of BodyMastery is that you will receive exactly what you need in the moment to support your journey of deepening into Self-Love.  This is your journey, you are the authority of your Life.  BodyMastery is simply here to guide you into your Body so you can start living from your Soul-Truth

Meet Jane

Since 2006 I’ve been on a highly conscious journey toward healing my inner environment and deepening into Self-Love.

My internal environment used to be a constant stream of negativity.  There was a war raging inside of me.

Something had to be done, so I chose to create change. 

I made a choice to create beauty within; to love myself; to treat myself with kindness; to live life from my Soul-Truth, expressing my Authentic-Self in all I do.

All of these life choices and experiences (both good and crappy) have led me to this point …

Offering you BodyMastery.

“Deepening into Self-Love …

has been a magical (and sometimes difficult) journey.  I’m so grateful I made the choice to change how I was treating myself.  I’m so grateful I chose to walk the path of Self-Love.  It has been, and continues to be, a journey of awakening into who I truly am.”  

 Nourish.  Love.  Stillness.

Latest Journal Inspirations

“The power to create change is within you.”

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