The core of BodyMastery

Here at BodyMastery, we see the Body as a community of cells, working together to create ALL of your Body.

Physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual.  Every single energy particle that makes you – the bits you can see and the bits you can’t.

We believe the Intelligence of your body is made of the same energy that has created the universe; the flowers, the ocean, the stars …  everything that we experience in our Human existence and beyond.

This Universal Intelligence has the ability to create an environment within that allows you to thrive in Love, Compassion, Grace and Empowerment.

This Intelligence is within you; within every cell that is your body. It is your Soul-Truth and you have the power to live from this place.

When we choose to live from Soul-Truth, our Body has an opportunity to come into a balanced state of health, allowing our cells to thrive, and our innate vitality and wisdom to flow.

We intuitively know what to eat and how to move. We make conscious choices that support our health, wellbeing and life goals.

We treat ourselves with respect and kindness, understanding that we are a priority.

And when life gets challenging, we feel supported from the inside out, leaning into ourselves with Love and Compassion, asking ourselves “what do we need in this moment?”

The intention of BodyMastery is to support you in bringing all aspects of yourself into wholeness; supporting a healthy Body and allowing you to live life expressing your authenticity and Soul-Truth in all you do.

Your Body knows what it needs to feel nourished, supported and empowered.

We all have the power to create change from the inside out – we just need to say “Yes” and take action.

Change takes commitment, time and a whole lot of love, trust, gentleness and compassion for ourselves.  It also takes Self-Awareness.  BodyMastery will support you to grow in Self-Awareness, deepen into Self-Love and cultivate a loving compassionate relationship with your Body.  From this place, you have the opportunity to life life as you – the way your heart and soul yearns to live.

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BodyMastery can support you to …

Deepen into Self-Love.  Cultivate a Loving Compassionate relationship with yourself and your Body.  Connect with your Soul-Truth allowing you to live from this place of Universal Intelligence. 

Learn how to listen to the wisdom of your Body so you know what to eat, how to move and what you need to feel nourished and supported each day.  Cultivate Self-Awareness so you can make conscious choices that create positive change, helping you to overcome self-sabotage and “negative thinking”.  Become an authentic empowered expression of who you truly are.

Transform old conditioned-beliefs into Love and awaken new beliefs that are aligned with your Soul-Truth.  Create an internal environment where your Body can thrive and evolve through Love, Compassion and Grace.

Create nourishing habits that support you in difficult times.  Awaken you Soul-Purpose.

Open your Heart to yourself.  Embrace difficult emotions and “negative” aspects of yourself to create positive transformation, healing and wholeness.  Listen to the wisdom of your Body to make empowered conscious choices that will support your health, wellbeing and life goals.

Cultivate a mind that is filled with positivity, clarity, encouragement and kindness for yourself and your Body.  Start living from Love and Compassion, creating a peaceful relaxed internal environment where every cell of your Body can thrive.

We are all unique

We are all on our own unique journey. Different goals. Different experiences. Different body shapes and sizes. Different paths. Different timelines. Different lives.

When we honour ourselves and each other we create an environment that allows us all to thrive individually and in community.

BodyMastery is here to help you bring peace to your inner world.  It is here to help you to change the programs that create  a negative internal environment that may at times, feel like you have a war raging inside of you.

For us to find peace within, it is essential we cultivate a loving compassionate relationship with ourselves and Body.  For it is through the body that we find Peace.  It is through the Body we can learn who we truly are and what we need to live life authentically through Love, Compassion and Grace.

Your health and wellbeing is priority number one.”
What’s on at the Studio
“You Body is a portal into the Truth of who you are.  Lean in and listen.  Let your Soul-Truth guide you.”

“The power to create change is within you.”

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