Aiden brought home a piece of artwork that rocked my heart, right to its core.  Tears came, but I didn’t know why … I was curious.

It wasn’t until the next day the message became clear.

I looked at the painted paper plate with a yacht sailing on the ocean and the light turned on in my heart.  I remembered.

The imagery of the artwork connected me to a story my Grandad told me 21 years ago – 2 weeks before he passed on.

Visiting Grandad in hospital, I sat by his bedside and asked him what he believed about God and what else there was.  He had his beliefs and I was searching for mine.  I wanted to know what he thought.

He didn’t preach or talk of the bible, he simply told me a story of Faith.

About 15 years prior Grandad had had a massive heart attack whilst driving to work.  As fate would have it a Doctor was driving past and helped him.

Whilst recovering in hospital in a weakened state, he dreamt of sailing on a yacht across crystal blue waters.  The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky.

He started to get tired and wanted to stop.  But this voice kept saying to him “keep going”. So he did. He kept sailing. On and on this went. Every time he got tired the voice would say “keep going”.

The voice helped him survive the night.

Grandad believed it was his guardian angel or “something” that helped keep him alive during those first critical 48 hours.

So now, here in my home, I have this beautiful piece of artwork my son created that is infused with this message of “Keep going”.

I feel the power of it in my heart – I feel it helping me to move forward on my chosen path.

And when it feels a bit too hard and I want to give up, I look at the picture and hear the words “Keep going Jane.  You can do this.”

So I do.  I keep going, and keep trusting.

And I share this story with you, because maybe you feel like giving up.  Maybe it feels a bit too hard.

Take a moment to close your eyes and connect with your Soul-Truth.  Or maybe you believe in Guardian Angels; connect with them.  Ask for help – for the support you need to help you move forward.

Remember to be open to receive this support.  Remember, it may come to you in the most unexpected ways … like through the gift of a child’s drawing.

Take time to listen to the Wisdom of your Body.  Feel those “light bulb” moments; trust in them.  Because maybe that gentle message is exactly what you need to keep going.

Thank you to my dear Grandad for this beautiful gift.  Our cherished memories are forever in my Heart.


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