As I dove into a new relationship with my husband, I was also diving into the depths of the Universe.  I was studying Reiki, yoga, meditation, and all kinds of Spiritual teachings and practices.

He wasn’t into this side of things, but he was kind enough to let me practice Energy healing on him …  a few times anyway.

I’d try to get him to do yoga and meditate too.

“You should try it.  You’ll love it.”

[You know how you get when you find something new – you want everyone else to do it too … because it’s soooooo amazing!!!]

“It’s not my thing” he would say.

One day I finally got what he was saying.

I was on the back of his motorbike zooming up a mountain, holding on for dear life, concentrating on every corner.

The only sound I could hear was the bike and the wind.  Nothing else.  And within the movement there was stillness.

The light bulb went on.

This was his meditation.

I was so grateful for this lesson.  It made me realise that meditation is not all about sitting in the lotus position (well attempting to anyway) with a straight back trying to stop your thoughts from happening.

And more importantly, meditation looks different for everyone.

11 years later I now say this about meditation …

Meditation is  a pathway to your Soul.  It’s a pathway into stillness and within that stillness your innate wisdom flows.  Joy and Love flow.  Healing flows as the cells soften allowing for old frozen energy to release.

You get to know yourself intimately.  Change takes place from the inside out.  Life seems to flow with more Grace.  Oh and time expands too … seriously!

It’s important to remember that there is not right or wrong with meditation.

I used to love meditations that would take me up and out of my Body, into the realms of the Angels.  I’d get so high.

But then I realised I was using this style of meditation to avoid my Humanness and what my Physical body was telling me.

At the time it was perfect.  But I’ve evolved and so too has my meditation practice.

It was time to come back down and master living in my Body and heal the wounds.

Now meditation looks like doing a spin class, a weights session, riding my mountain bike, walking, swimming, dancing around my lounge room, writing and of course sitting cross legged in stillness focusing on my breath or listening to a guided meditation.

Even housework can be a form of meditation – if you intend it to be.  Remember, setting intention is powerful.

Within movement you can find stillness.

Life can become one big meditation.  Practicing to be present, in our Bodies – living life from our Soul-Truth.

Find what works for you.  Listen to that wise Body of yours – it knows what you need.

What does meditation look like for you?


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