What happens in a BodyMastery Meditation?

BodyMastery Meditations are designed to support your health and wellbeing by connecting you with your body from a place of love and compassion.  Each meditation is intuitively guided with an intention it will support you in cultivating self-awareness, relaxation, awakening your intuition, opening communication pathways with your body, deepening into Self-Love and so much more.

What do I need for class?

Wear comfortable clothing.  Set a space where you feel nourished – cushions, blankets, chair etc.  Have a pen and journal handy for recording any insights that may arise during meditation.

Where can I set my space up?

Wherever you feel you need to.  This is your time.  Your space.  Maybe in your lounge, or under your favourite tree.  You might like to light a candle or incense.  Or maybe you need to sit in your car during your lunch break.  Whatever you choose, know that you taking this time is so nourishing for your Body.

What technology do I need to participate in BodyMastery Meditation?

You will need an email address to receive the links to the online class.  If you will need internet access, a computer or smart phone, ipad etc.  You will need to download ZOOM (Zoom.us).  All connection information will be emailed to you before class.

What happens if I can’t make the live class?

There is no recording available at the moment, so please make yourself a priority and come to class.

Can I ask questions during meditation class?

We can have discussion before and after meditation – muting and unmuting is super easy.  However, during the meditation you will need to mute your microphone.

I’m suffering from a mental illness.  Is it safe for me to participate?

I am unable to say yes or no.  Speaking from experience, I have found meditation to be very supportive of my healing journey.  However, I’ve had to use different meditation styles depending on where I was at … sometimes I needed to move (exercise, dance etc), other times I needed stillness.  Your decision really does depend on where you are at right now.  Feel into what your Body needs to feel safe, nourished and supported.  Speak with your therapist or doctor.  Listen to the Truth of your Body.  Please don’t force anything – your health and wellbeing is priority number one.  Maybe have a read of the informed consent, it might give you a little more insight.  You are more than welcome to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

If you have any further questions please contact me at [email protected]

“The power to create change is within you.”

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