What’s on at BodyMastery Studio

Here at BodyMastery Studio we offer Meditation, Mentoring and Workshops to support your journey of deepening into Self-Love, cultivating a loving compassionate relationship with your Body and living life authentically from your Soul-Truth.

The intention of BodyMastery is that you will receive exactly what you need in the moment to support your journey of deepening into Self-Love.  This is your journey, you are the authority of your Life.  BodyMastery is simply here to guide you into your Body so can you start creating positive change from the inside out.

“Cultivate Self-Awareness so you can make conscious choices that are aligned with your Soul-Truth.”
BodyMastery Meditation

BodyMastery Meditations are designed to support your health and wellbeing by connecting you with your body from a place of love and compassion.  Each meditation can support you in cultivating self-awareness, relaxation, awakening your intuition, opening communication pathways with your body and deepening into Self-Love (and so much more).

BodyMastery Meditation allows you to …

Give yourself time away from the busyness of life.  Nourish yourself.  Relax.  Be in stillness.  Listen to the wisdom of your Body.  Embrace all of you with Love and gentleness.  Treat yourself with Compassion.  Deepen into Self-Love.  Live your Soul-Truth.

“Deep relaxation allows for your body to soften and let go of that which no longer serves you.
BodyMastery Mentoring

Do you want to go deeper and feel more empowered?  Do you need personal support to help you change what you are ready to change?

Maybe your thoughts are constantly negative towards yourself, or you have a deep desire to connect with your Soul-Purpose.  Whatever it is that has drawn you here, BodyMastery Mentoring can support you in this moment.

BodyMastery Mentoring offers you sacred space where you can connect with your Body from a place of Love and Compassion, learning to listen to your Body’s innate-wisdom so it guides you authentically through life.  Jane uses meditation, intuitive energy healing, self-inquiry and transformational techniques to support you.  These sessions are gentle yet powerful in supporting you to create change from the inside out. After each session you will receive a session overview email noting any insights, affirmations or home-practices your wise Body shared with you.

Along with all the other amazing benefits of BodyMastery, mentoring sessions may support you to …

Deepen into relationship with yourself and Body.  Cultivate a mind that is filled with positivity, clarity, encouragement and kindness for yourself and your Body.  Take time to listen to your Body’s innate-wisdom so you can make empowered choices that will support your health, wellbeing and life goals.    Allow your Self to live from Love and Compassion, creating a peaceful relaxed internal environment where every cell of your Body can thrive.   Create nourishing habits that support you in difficult times.  Awaken your Soul-Purpose.

Each session is guided by your Body’s innate-wisdom.  The intention is set that you will receive exactly what you need to create the change your Body requires to live life from Love.

“Your Body is a portal into the Truth of who you are.  Lean in and listen.  Let your Soul-Truth guide you.”
BodyMastery Workshops

Our Workshops are infused with BodyMastery philosophy and are designed to support you on your journey of Deepening into Self-Love, cultivating a loving compassionate relationship with your Body and awakening your Soul-Truth.

Deepen into Self-Love with BodyMastery Workshops launching in 2019.

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“Take time to listen to your Body’s inner wisdom so you know what you need to feel nourished, supported and empowered.”

“The power to create change is within you.”

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