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Humanity is going through a really tough time at the moment with the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am here to support your health and wellbeing by offering online group and private Meditation Classes, Self-Love Coaching, Self-Care Workshops and more.

All online group classes and private sessions are offered online via Zoom.

Please see Meditation Classes to book.  Single sessions and Packages are available.

I also offer Corporate private group sessions.  These sessions can be customised to meet the needs of your staff.

If you are wanting to enquire about Corporate services, please email me at [email protected] or call on 0422 597 857.

Take care.  I look forward to supporting you and your Body’s health and wellbeing.

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“Cultivate a loving compassionate relationship with your Body.”

After only a short time working with Jane, I feel like a different person. What these mentoring sessions brought out for me was a little mind blowing. I realised I wanted to be more present in all situations; retain some energy for myself instead of always giving it to other people; listen to my body more; rest; and be still without doing 10 things at once.  I needed to slow the hell down and be kind to myself because I was feeling anxious and drained!

The outside was telling a great story but the inside needed some kindness.

I truly can’t believe the changes that I have made through BodyMastery Mentoring.  Jane helped me open up and see my true self, learn that I need to support myself from the inside first and be far kinder to me.  And I never thought I would say it but I can actually meditate – from not sitting still to being at peace with whole body.

I highly recommend BodyMastery Mentoring!

Tracey, NSW Australia

The thing I loved most about the BodyMastery Mentoring classes was that Jane didn’t give me the answers or tell me how she can fix me. What she did was guide and mentor me throughout the process. Jane helped me realise that I can build the skills and strength to help myself, love myself and be true to myself.  I believe these skills will help me through all aspects of my life.

If there is anyone who needs some guidance, support and positivity in their lives, Jane is the person you need to meet.

Anonymous - a very happy client, Australia
Meet Jane

Since 2006 I’ve been on a highly conscious journey toward healing my inner environment and deepening into Self-Love.

My internal environment used to be a constant stream of negativity.  There was a war raging inside of me.

Something had to be done, so I chose to create change. 

I made a choice to create beauty within; to love myself; to treat myself with kindness; to live life from my Soul-Truth, expressing my Authentic-Self in all I do.

All of these life choices and experiences (both good and crappy) have led me to this point …

Offering you BodyMastery.

“The power to create change is within you.”

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